About Us

About Us

Freedom Alliance Network

Freedom Alliance Network is the culmination of the experience and innovation of DC Fawcett. This is a community of motivated entrepreneurs learning, succeeding and sharing their experiences with one another. Each one starting out as beginners, only to soon become seasoned pros.

With a series of highly informative traning modules and course materials paired up with ongoing training videos, you are sure to walk away with the confidence to break free from the rat race. DC shows you that you can channel your energy into a money making business that you can automate. In the end you’ll be the one sipping that cocktail on the beach while your future is secure.

D.C. Fawcett

D.C. Fawcett is the original founders of the Freedom Alliance Network (FAN). He founded FAN because he was sick and tired of all the hype and downright lies on the Internet. He wanted to give new internet Marketers a real way to make money online with all the scams and hype.

He created a one of kind money making system he was planning to sell for $500 that’s called Instant Cash Infusion. This system literally only takes 15 minutes to setup and you are up and running with the ability to make money.

You don’t need any experience, a list, a product, or anything. Just the burning desire to make a change a commitment to your financial freedom.

Instead of selling Instant Cash Infusion for $500, D.C. decided to give it away for FREE. This is his way of getting back at all the Ill-Willed get Rich Quick Gurus pitching the hype and scams.

D.C. believes FAN will go down in history as the movement that swept the world as the revolution against the ill willed get rich quick GURUs. He’s looking for people to join this movement with him.

Our Mission is to banish these unscrupulous GURUs by banning together, working smarter not harder and saying no to their overpriced, undervalued courses and seminars.

The Freedom Alliance Network leverages its community of FOUNDING MEMBERS to provide cutting-edge, ongoing training practically for FREE or as close to FREE as possible. Many times just covering costs is enough for us to expand and multiply.

You’re going to be amazed at how easy the Instant Cash Infusion is to put in place and how fast the money starts to flow into your bank account. The income and Wealth you’ll acquire in this business is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.